12 Hours in DC

Last weekend I flew to Washington DC to attend the Youth Led Climate March. In total, I was in our nation’s capital for 24 hours, landed at 9am on Saturday morning and took off again at 9am on Sunday. This was my first time in DC so despite the never-ending torrential downpour of rain that greeted me, I was determined to see as much of the city as possible.

From the airport I headed straight for the National Mall which was the starting point for the march. From here I was able to see the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. Along the march route I also got to see the Supreme Court building and Lincoln Park.

You can even spot me in articles in some local papers as well as Teen Vogue and many twitter/instagram/facebook posts! I’ll include some links below!

Once the march was over I had about 6 hours of daylight left so I hit the town! I started at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History which is a museum I have wanted to visit for some time. Unfortunately it being summer, a Saturday, and the downpour outside, the museum was packed with screaming/running/dripping children and I decided to cut my visit short. This being something I had looked forward to for so long I thought I could wait a little longer and come back on a better day. I did however get a very nice sweatshirt to help me fight the ridiculous weather waiting for me outside.

Having already abandoned my first poncho because it had literally soaked through, I bought another one from a very nice man outside the museum. At this point I had decided to embrace the rain. This storm was pretty crazy already and add in that I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life and rarely see rain this was pretty crazy.

From the museum I walked to the Washington Monument, on the way I discovered what it feels like to be on the other side of the giant splash cars make when they drive through puddles.

The Washington Monument is currently closed for renovations so all I got to do was look and head on over to the White House. I had debated visiting the White House considering my distaste for its’ current residents but decided I wasn’t going to let Trump ruin this for me and headed over. At this point I had reached a level of wet where I really couldn’t have gotten wetter and the rain had ceased to phase me.

The White House is pretty underwhelming, it being behind fences and trees, you really can’t see much. Of all the things I saw in DC this is the one I would be least excited to see again.

With that said, my favorite thing to see in DC was the Lincoln Memorial which I walked to after the White House. I didn’t get the breathtaking sight of the reflecting pool since the rain drops made that impossible but after climbing the VERY slippery marble steps of the memorial I finally got that “wow” feeling people describe when they’re in DC. The Lincoln Memorial is pretty impressive and I don’t recommend missing out on it if you’re ever in the area!

After the Lincoln Memorial I had one last stop on my list and it was perfect timing because the sun was starting to set. I had to have my nerd moment at the FBI Headquarters. No, I don’t want to be in the FBI, I just happen to be a big fan of the tv show Bones which partially takes place in that building. Once my nerd moment was over I stopped for dinner at bDC Penn Quarter and then headed to my hotel sore, wet and exhausted.


Bonus photos from the march and links!

Photo by: Thomas Alejo
Photo Courtesy: This Is Zero Hour

Teen Vogue Article

Thomas Alejo Instagram

This Is Zero Hour


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