Lake Powell, Utah

Day One

The drive to Utah! We drove from Los Angeles to St. George, Utah on our first day, stopping for food and bathroom runs. We stopped for the night at an RV park in St. George.

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Food tip: If you’re in St. George, check out Even Stevens! Great food and great vibes!!

Day Two

We started off our second day with a quick shopping trip and then we were off to Arizona! We started our Powell adventure at the Antelope Point Marina in Page, Arizona. We slept on the house boat in the marina, getting some rest before heading out in the morning! We were also treated to our first sunset and then our first thunderstorm!

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You will not regret watching this video! Such an incredible storm!



Day Three

We didn’t wait long to jump in the lake! Shortly after leaving the marina we hopped on the  Sea Doos and went for a ride! Not only was this my first time on a jet ski but it was my first time in a lake at all!

After a few hours floating down the channel we found a spot to anchor the boat and we settled in to our new home!

The view from our boat!

Sunset came around and we went on our first hike of the trip! If you thought the sunset from the marina was beautiful, wait until you see the sunset from our first night on the lake!

After getting nice and smelly on our hike I experienced my first lake shower! Not gonna lie, getting to rinse soap off by sliding down a water slide is definitely the way to do it!

Bath time!

With our long and exhausting first day in the books we all settled in for a relaxing evening, that is until the wind picked up! With the little ones and the parents in bed, the big kids were left to ourselves on the top deck of the boat. We felt the boat sway with the wind and then realized that the ropes anchoring us to the rocks had shifted and had too much slack. As we realized this the rest of the boat started to wake up and realize something was happening. The next two hours was all of us running around the boat dealing with all of the things going wrong. Holding one of the ski boats in place because it had been crushed by the house boat and come untied, re-anchoring the house boat, dealing with the smoking generator that happened about an hour into this crazy event, at one point the kids woke up and I ran to get them back in bed so they wouldn’t be scared. In the process myself and my friend Tanner hurt ourselves and were just limping around the boat to help. Needless to say, our first night on the lake was not one I will soon forget!

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After the adrenaline died down!


Day Four/ Five/ Six

The next few days were pretty chill lake days, swimming to the end of the canyon, tubing, paddle boarding, hiking and ending one of the evenings with a fireworks show!


Day Seven

We took the ski boats out and rode around on the lake exploring what Powell had to offer!

We stopped off at Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

After we left Rainbow Bridge a storm rolled in and it started pouring! We found a cave to protect us while the storm went through. There was so much rain that the mouth of the cave started to become a waterfall!!

The Why Knot crew!

Day Eight/Nine/Ten

Our last few days on the lake I leaned how to wake surf, hiked a slot canyon with minor scrapes and bruises and learned to drive the jet skis!

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I was a little nervous about the surfing so my one condition was that they had to play Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride from Lilo and Stitch and let me tell you, it was the most awesome part of my Powell trip! And to think I almost chickened out! Loved my Powell Roller Coaster Ride!

Before hiking a slot canyon the big kids were sent out on the jet skis to search for a good canyon!



Our last day was the slot canyon hike! This was probably the most challenging activity of the trip from the get go, swimming to the opening of the canyon and having to lift yourself up the slippery rock was a challenge before the hike had even begun! This activity really showed how incredible our group was, the stronger people lifting others up and everyone pitching in to the best of their personal abilities.

Check out my little head bobbing in the muddy water! I’m in the blue hat!

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Until next time Lake Powell.

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