March for Science Los Angeles, Earth Day 2017

“On April 22, 2017, in more than 600 cities around the world, we marched as an unprecedented coalition of organizations and individuals. We marched because science is critical to our health, economies, food security, and safety. We marched to defend the role of science in policy and society.”

–March for Science Organizers


Pictured: Ashley Jaron and Dayle Bingham Photo by: Naomi Zimmerman

We stood on the steps of City Hall to call for “science that serves the common good, evidence-based policies and regulations in the public interest, cutting-edge science education, diversity and inclusion in STEM,  open, honest science and inclusive public outreach, funding for scientific research and its applications. ” The goal of the march was to “humanize science, partner with the public, advocate for open, inclusive, and accessible science, and to affirm science as a democratic value.” (March for Science Organizers)


Organizers of the march maintain that the march was a non-partisan movement that aimed to celebrate science and the important role it plays in our lives even if we may not notice it. For me, the mission of the march was to call attention to the importance of science amidst a lot of denial of science by the leadership of the United States. The march was appropriately on Earth Day which was a nice nod to the importance of addressing climate change issues despite the constant denial by many powerful people within the United States government.


The goal for the organizers was to show that science “upholds the common good and to call for evidence-based-policy” that would be in all of our best interest’s.


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