We docked in Greenock for our first stop in Scotland. From there we took a train into Glasgow for the day. The beginning of our day we spent in the suburbs of Glasgow where my grandma used to live to see her old house and have a bit of a nostalgia tour. Afterwards we wandered Glasgow, had lunch and went shopping. We passed a thrift store in Glasgow and in the window they had displayed a first edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which I obviously bought without hesitation.

We had to head back to the ship about halfway through the day to change and hop on a bus for Edinburgh Castle to see the Military Tattoo which happened to be going on while we were there.

Our next stop after Glasgow was supposed to be the Orkney Islands to see the Viking settlement, Skara Brae, but unfortunately due to dangerous weather conditions we were unable to dock. So we got another unexpected day at sea which was pretty disappointing.

Finally, we were on land again as we docked in Invergorden and woke up bright and early for a long day of touring. It should be noted that I did see Nessie but she is very camera shy so I was unable to get a decent picture!



Our last day in Scotland was spent in St. Andrews, visiting the golf course and walking around the town.

Took this picture for my dad, I know nothing about golf but he was very excited about this photo!

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