Lions and Cheetahs and Elephants! Oh My!

July 2, 2016

Today we headed to Mukuni Big 5 for some truly incredible wildlife encounters! We woke up bright and early to head for the park where we started out with the cheetah encounter. Having never seen a cheetah up close, I was amazed at how truly beautiful these animals are. I was the first to volunteer to approach the cheetahs who were still a little sleepy since it was pretty early.

Casually walking my new pet cheetah.

After our walk with the cheetahs, we took a van out to meet our new elephant friends! We got to ride the elephants through the park for about forty minutes and then feed them at the end of the trail. Having only seen elephants from afar at zoos and last weekend on our safari, actually touching and interacting with them was incredible. These elephants were all rescued at young ages, having been orphaned. I rode the largest elephant who was male.

Snack time during our elephant ride!

Feeding the elephants got a little messy!

Our last encounter was with the lions! There was a male and female lion that we got to pet and take a walk with. Like the elephants, after watching these animals on our safari last weekend it was amazing interacting with them on such a personal level. We even got to play with the cubs after we had left the grown lions.

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