Tel Aviv

Day 5:

The day we headed to Tel Aviv had quite a few stops along the way! We kicked off the day with my favorite hike of the trip, it took just over two hours to hike through Gilabon in the Golan Heights and we got to stop at some pretty breathtaking spots along the way. At the beginning of the hike we took a little detour and came across Kfar Dvora, an abandoned Jewish village inhabited between the 2nd and 3rd centuries BCE.

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Nobody tell my professors that we did this!!

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Incredible view from the Kfar Dvora!

After our little detour to Kfar Dvora, we continued to descend into the valley where we came across two waterfalls and got to do a little rock climbing. Needless to say, I have a few battle scars from this hike!





By the end of the hike we were all pretty exhausted and very sweaty; the AC in the bus was on full blast as we headed to our next stop, Mount Bental. Mount Bental was the site of a battle during Israel’s war for the Golan during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. The battle was miraculously won by the Israelis who only had 160 tanks, only 7 of which were still operational after the battle, to fight with up against Syria’s 1500 tanks. After the Israelis destroyed 900 Syrian tanks, the Syrians fled and left the land for Israel to conquer.

The Syrian border is behind me.
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“The middle of the Middle East.”

Finally, we headed toward Tel Aviv which was about a two hour bus ride south. When we got to Tel Aviv we went straight to our new hostel to get ready for our night out on Rothschild Boulevard!


Day 6:

In the morning on our sixth day in Israel we headed towards the Old City of Jaffa (also called Yafo) which is the oldest part of Tel Aviv. Jaffa is known for its’ role in the biblical stories of Solomon, Jonah and Saint Peter. The harbor of Jaffa has been in use since the bronze age and was even seized by Napoleon in March of 1799 when the port belonged to Syria.


A view of the new city from the Old City.


After touring the Old City, we finally headed to the beach!! Lucky for me, I bought a water proof phone case so we have plenty of pictures of us in the water!



After the beach we were given some free time at the Carmel Market to eat lunch and do some shopping!

Some of the best pasta I have ever had, from Pasta Basta.
The Carmel Market


Our last stop before leaving Tel Aviv was Independence Hall. Independence Hall, which was originally the Dizengoff House, is the spot where David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the State of Israel.


The room where Ben Gurion established the State of Israel.

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