Cabo San Lucas

Hola Mexico!!! Left the United States for only the second time in my life last week and it was absolutely amazing!! I didn’t go very far from home, but I certainly felt like I was in another world! We visited Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta while on board the Carnival Miracle. This post is about my adventures in the beautiful (and VERY hot) Cabo San Lucas!!

On my first day in Cabo San Lucas I had the unbelievable opportunity to swim with dolphins with Cabo Adventures. This was an experience I will NEVER forget!!

Day two in Cabo was pretty amazing as well! We were able to take a boat to the arches of Cabo and around the bay.

After the tour of the arches we were dropped off at Medano Beach for a couple of hours before we were picked back up and taken back to our cruise ship. I didn’t get too lucky at the beach though! Stung by not one but TWO jellyfish while in the water…

Bonus pictures: I made a new friend in Cabo as well!!

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